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Is someone bugging you??

This cool kit provides all the items needed to grow your own bug eaters successfully. The see through jar allows you to see the plant grow every step of the way.

A great gift for the know-how or newbie to the gardening world!

Sit this lovely personalised jar on the windowsill and watch the magic of nature take its place in the home.

Wonderful for children, teenagers, adults and grandparents this gift brings something different to the household.

At BEEcycle we thrive on making some of the more unusual and trendy gifts that impact the recipient greatly. Not only that, our aim is to help save the planet by making plants the perfect gift worldwide. Plants are our passion; we want to help people discover how amazing they are.

Please add the name of the recipient for personalisation

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Includes soil pellets, venus fly trap seeds, instructions and gift box

Personalised Don't Kill Me Venus Fly Trap Jar Grow Kit

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