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Cucamelons are are like mini watermelons and tastes like cucumbers. Get this kit to grow some in a jar!

If you or a friend wants to grow something interesting which you can eat afterwards, this is the perfect kit. However we all know that someone who always kills their plants. This jar is the perfect gift as we 'gently' remind them NOT TO KILL THEIR CUCAMELON!

The kit is really easy to use and look after. Just add water and plant the seeds then place it on a sunny windowsill or the desktop.

The glass also allows for the seeing-through into the growing roots, making it an educational gift for children too!

After planting, reuse the jam jar as a storage jar, or make some some cucamelon cocktails, cucamlon pickles or cucamelon salad!

Each Jar comes packaged in a quality box, making it a beautifuly presented and personal gift.

Please add the name of the recipient for personalisation

made from:


Includes soil pellets, sunflower seeds, instructions and gift box


10cm x 7cm x 7cm

Personalised 'Don't Kill Me' Mini Melons Jar Grow Kit

VAT Included |

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