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Grow your own Christmas tree!

This little bag makes the ideal stocking filler.

It comes with everything you need to grow your own Christmas tree from scratch.

Just start them off indoors and then plant them in the garden when it gets bigger. In no time you will have your own hand grown Christmas tree in the living room for Christmas! Eco friendly and satisfying!

At BEEcycle we thrive on making some of the more unusual and trendy gifts that impact the recipient greatly. Not only that, our aim is to help save the planet by making plants the perfect gift worldwide. Plants are our passion; we want to help people discover how amazing they are.

*note that this comes with Christmas tree seeds. Baubles and tree not included.

made from:

christmas tree seeds

biodegradable lining, soil


Bag size 12cm x 14cm

Grow A Merry Christmas Tree Jute Set

VAT Included |

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