Set of three foldable vases


A stylish, simple and space saving way to display your flowers. Perfect for weddings, events and home.

These vases make a fabulous present for those friends or relations that you know would love something unusual and useful.

There is never a use for a glass vase after your flowers have died, yet with these foldable plastic ones you can store them easily; they can be flat packed time and time again!

If you are looking for something a little different to feed your flowers other than water try our water beads. With a range of water bead colours displaying your flowers in the clear vases make for a fantastic display! The water beads in the images are the mixed colour pack.

Price for a set of 3 vases (large, Medium and small)

Choose water bead colours of your choice. One pack can fill one medium vase.

LED light £1 extra. (These lights will slowly change colour from red, pink, green purple, blue)

Note: Product comes without packaging.

made from:

Plastic. Sodium Polyacrylate gel.


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