A beautifull and thoughtfull gift for anyone who needs a wishing moon and stars to guide them.

This charming mini moon and set of tiny stars are made from mirrored acrylic that’s so clear you can see your reflection through the glass of the jar.

The night sky scene makes a great, personalised present for anyone who needs to wish upon a star. Fantastic for Mother's Day, Father’s Day, Wedding, birthday, a birth, engagement as a thinking of you present and many other events and things!

Presented in a strong elegant black box to contrast the brilliant shine of the miniature sky, once opened this present is sure to bring smiles to the recipients face.

Suitable for sending straight to the recipient this is a very personal gift requiring little effort to order.

The choice of six sets of stars are available with the option to add up to five extra personalised stars in the glass tube with them. Personalise the moon with whatever is relevant to your recipient.

These sets include these words on each star:

Angel Set: Love, Faith, Joy, Hope, Peace.

Birthday Set: Wish, Happy, Birthday, Surprise, Congrats

Happy Set: Love, Be Happy!, Relax, Be Joyful, Big Smile

Family Set: Mum, Dad, Me, Home, Family

Love Set: Forever, You, Me, Love, Always

Christmas Set: Merry, Xmas, Ho Ho!, Joy, Love

With an option to have up to ten stars accompanying the moon you can write a few personal words to whomever you may be thinking of, allowing you to express your love for them in a way you have never done so before.

50p per additional star- up to five stars can be orderd alongside the five that are in the jar already.

If you would like more than ten stars please do contact us.

Your order shall be sent to you in a parcle to protect it as the jar is made from glass.

made from:



Mirror acrylic


Sturdy black card box


The Jar- 8cm height by 2.5cm width

The black card box- 8.5 cm length - 5cm width

Personalised Why I Love You jar

VAT Included |

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