Has anyone been sweet to you or need something sweet in his or her life? Strawberries are the answer!

A lovely way to show someone that you care wheather there an exsperiananced gardener or not. Strawberrys are a fantastic local fruit that have dainty bright yellow flowers along with the lushious red of the berry.

Eating home grown food is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have.

Easy to grow and beautifully displayed in there own lovely personalised jar who can resist? If you know someone who needs a little sweetness in there life strawberries is the healthy option.

At BEEcycle we thrive on making some of the more unusual and trendy gifts that impact the recipient greatly. Not only that, our aim is to help save the planet by making plants the perfect gift worldwide. Plants are our passion; we want to help people discover how amazing they are.

Personalised name and message on the jar.

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Personalised Sweet Strawberry Jar Grow Kit

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