A stunning metallic jar with thirty fantastic and romantic date ideas, great for wedding and anniversary presents or for yourself and partner.

Need an idea for some dates? Whether it’s the weekend or a weekday all of us need to do something special for our loved one every now and again.

It can be a little difficult to think of date ideas off of the top of your head, so we have done the hard work for you!

This jar is filled with thirty dates, ranging to inexpensive, free and costly date ideas. There is also an option to purchase thirtey more tokens for any ideas of your own!

When it comes to romance it is always important to have surprises to spice things up a little, so why not give it a go? Go out there have fun and discover new experiences, who knows what you may learn about each other?

Red - Dates which involve cost/Expense

Blue - Free but take a bit more effort

White - Dates that are free and easy

The set comes with everytthing you need to pick out the perfect date for you and your partner, or an excellent gift for your favourite couple.

Personalise the jar with the name of the couple

Buy extra blank tokens for £10 (variety of colours)

made from:


MDF Wood tokens

Personalised metallic date jar

VAT Included |

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