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The jute bag set grows real bug eating plants which are both fun and interesting for gardeners and non-gardeners!

The eco-friendly gift sets comes with seeds, soil and instructions, making it really easy to grow your own bug eating plant.

Once they are grown, place the jute bag on a window sill or on the table and watch your new friend catch those annoying pesky flies for you. They are really fascinating to watch, and you will find a lot less bugs around the house!

The jute bag is biodegredable, making it eco-friendly, just dig it in the garden or compost heap when the plant gets too big for your jute bag!

At BEEcycle we thrive on making some of the more unusual and trendy gifts that impact the recipient greatly. Not only that, our aim is to help save the planet by making plants the perfect gift worldwide. Plants are our passion; we want to help people discover how amazing they are.


made from:

Venus fly trap seeds

Hessian Jute Bag


15cm x 10cm

Bug Eating Plant Jute Bag Grow Set

PriceFrom £8.00
VAT Included |

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